Yeh, it's back, and badder than ever. One of the sickest guild names ever, we accept people who are willing to be chill back while still grinding and increase their status in WK. No level requirements, just be cool and be chill to talk to.
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 8/8/09 Voting Updates

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PostSubject: 8/8/09 Voting Updates   8/8/09 Voting Updates Icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 6:28 pm

Second Round Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Elimination Round! Here they are:


sould lost by one vote I am sorry to say, so sould is eliminated. Don't be sad however, as remember, there are still clans. Wink

Congrats to all three of you! You have passed through two elimination rounds already and have made it far. Doughnut and x3lit3x were both tied with four votes, so they will both move on.


Tonight is it, where we will have a new co-leader and administrator on our team. That's right, not a mod but an ADMIN. Tonight is a special night indeed, however, the poll will last 24 hours so it will continue on to tomorrow. I will have a 12 hour update announcement to state how everything is going.

But you three contestants have to be here tonight, because:

You are required to right a speech! (Fun right? Sorry Doughnut)

I. Must cover three topics( do not copy/paste from your leader app, but make it more detailed and diffirent)
-What you want to do to help the guild
-What you would like to see in the future
-Why the people should choose you

Each should be a paragraph of its own, with 6+ sentences. Hey, this is one of the biggest guilds in WK, so what do you expect?

And instead of a poll, you members will have to PM me your vote. =D This is for me to be on top of things and making sure nothing is cheated as I will have more control.

So tonight, at 10pm, is when it will start. All contestants should start writing there speeches at 9:30, and post them on the thread I will make at 10-11pm.

If you have any more questions or if I missed something, please PM me.

ACC: 3
EV: 1
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8/8/09 Voting Updates
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