Yeh, it's back, and badder than ever. One of the sickest guild names ever, we accept people who are willing to be chill back while still grinding and increase their status in WK. No level requirements, just be cool and be chill to talk to.
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PostSubject: Gameplan   Gameplan Icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2009 3:54 pm

I don't feel like re-writing the whole thing since my last one got erased due to a server error. Here it is in a pinch:

-Rhoku and I will fight the penguins near Francis that are for a quest to farm off of. They are a one hit KO and drop equips.

-Add me on your BL, my IGN is Falco. That way I know who to add after I add the member advantage people.

-Pitch in as much as possible! Message me if you have money and we will work out something.

-Lets create the guild as fast as possible. I might even add members tomorrow instead of today since I am busy, but creating the guild is the most important step.

Other than that, have fun in CBT II!


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