Yeh, it's back, and badder than ever. One of the sickest guild names ever, we accept people who are willing to be chill back while still grinding and increase their status in WK. No level requirements, just be cool and be chill to talk to.
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 Crafting Guild

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PostSubject: Crafting Guild   Crafting Guild Icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2009 6:42 pm

This will be a branch supportive guild for the main branch, it's main goal is to produce and expand. Which means that this branch guild will be heavily focused on Crafting for those members who enjoy the crafting content.

It will also become our Training Grounds, we train ourselves on things such as Guild Wars or Guild Battles, Castle Sieges. Crafting Guild will be a Neutral guild, we are allies with most of the other guilds on the game. Just like the main guild, our main channel will be B-3, but, our Stands will be located on channel A-1.

Every serious craftier from the guild can make their own business on the Crafting Guild, someone be in charge of how things will flow on the Economy by using a thread which will be created on [Ira's Market Place] as well as in Wonder-Port listing your craftier character, including your Mastery as well as including the price of your services that you have submitted in your own business.

How your business will be ran, it's completely up to you (The Crafter), but the main guild will support you by giving the word out in other words, promoting your services to the other guilds.

Crafting Guild, not only will it become a Marketing Guild, but it will also become a Mercenary Guild. The Mercenary role is to promote the main branch by helping other guilds established on the game. There will be very limited numbers of Mercenaries (3) and to gain this role it's completely up to you.

To become a Mercenary:

* You must be a very active member, to gain this Title, you must be online at least 3 - 4 hours every day.
* You must have reached Level 100+
* Your personality must be Neutral, which means that you will take it as it is and you will avoid causing conflict with other people.
* You must be very helpful, your job is to help them on everything that they request.

What does a Mercenary do and how much they get paid?

While the Mercenary is stationed on other guilds, their job is to list on a note all of their Member names as well as including their Level, Class and Activity. Their other role is to help the members out on everything they ask for, which means that if they need to level, you got to help them level (Limited levels per service). If they need a specific item, you need to go and look for it. If they need to complete a quest, you need to help them complete it and if they need help recruiting members, you must help them recruit.

Any newborn guild or established guild can request for your services as a Mercenary for 2 Million Gil. Two Million Gil will only cover for 15 Days, once the contract has ended you will return to Crafting Guild and get paid (The guild that requested you will pay you 2Million, but, Crafting Guild will also pay you an extra 1Million for the information that you have gathered).


1. Crafting Guild will break into two divisions, Merchant & Mercenary.
2. Crafting Guild will become main branches Training Grounds.
3. Crafting Guild main focus is money making.
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PostSubject: Re: Crafting Guild   Crafting Guild Icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2009 6:48 pm

lol i play the roll as a merc all the time so i guess im that and i have no prob with the channels so yea not a bad idea.
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Crafting Guild
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